We Learn, We Grow

About Us

Malvern Vale Primary School will:

  • Educate highly achieving, independent free thinking individuals able to engage in civic society.
  • Our aim as a learning community will be to ensure sustainable excellence of learning.
  • Pupils will be grounded in strong knowledge and understanding, and excellently taught to become creative and constructively reasoning individuals able to make positive contributions to their society.
  • We will create a sustaining culture that enables all children to succeed, attaining the highest levels of achievement.

Our Objectives are to:

  • Promote and value excellence at all levels and in all forms so that all our children irrespective of background, affluence or advantage reach beyond what is nationally expected to ensure equal opportunities for aspiring and successful lives.
  • Provide the right learning environment for children to develop a love of learning and creativity.
  • Lead and coach a strong knowledge base and related understanding of concepts for all pupils.
  • Promote creativity through imaginative thought and behaviour; purposeful activity; original creation and valuable outcomes.
  • Develop high quality personal qualities of the 5R’s’: Relationships, Risk taking, Resilience, Resourcefulness and Reflectiveness.
  • Develop excellent skills of enquiry, and the personal aspiration to improve their own academic performance.
  • Enable pupils to learn HOW to think.
  • Fully develop the critical facilities of questioning, evaluating, hypothesising, fair-testing, and problem-solving, and reasoning.
  • Model progressive development of excellent spoken language, and open-ended, evaluative and reasoning thinking skills.
  • Work rigorously to develop outstanding practice of teaching and learning in all our schools.